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When is the next meeting?
Meetings will be held twice a month during the school year. Our next social/meeting will be on April 26, 2002, location TBA. Email us for directions and info!

Upcoming Events!
Diversity committee invites you to
SDSU's School of Social Work presents
2nd Annual All School Day
March 21. APISWA will have a booth/table.
Please help with making a cool banner
The First Annual APIA Heritage Month Festival is Memorial Day weekend, May 25-26 @ Balboa Park. As a member org, we were allotted an information booth free of charge for both days. If you are in town, please volunteer your time to staff the booth. It's a great opportunity to recruit new API students into our noble and rewarding profession and to show the community that "YES!" you can make a great living being a social worker!

(Does everyone have their APISWA tshirt to wear??) Please mark it on your calendars now, and we will solidify time slots at our next few meetings.

Remember, bowling night on Friday, March 15th on campus.
THE SHIRTS ARE IN! They will be distributed during the party on Friday

Action item: One of our projects this year is to have a comprehensive list of Asian-related services in San Diego County (besides just UPAC!). If anyone has any contacts, ie. Asian counselors, please email apiswsa@yahoogroups.com.

San Diego County API groups/agencies are forming the API Alliance, a coalition of all the groups. Cathreena and Kirin are directly involved in the planning for this coalition.


If you have any questions about any of these events email APISWSA@yahoogroups.com